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Looking to solve a problem in OpenOffice Cacl. (Need

Customer Question

Looking to solve a problem in OpenOffice Cacl. (Need differential equation).
File can be found at:
I'm looking to calculate what the optimal balance of ingredients is to get the ratio of carbs/fat/protein to be balanced the way I want it, without going over in calories.
Column G,H,I row 13-15 lists how much carb/protein/fat each respective ingredient has per 100grams of weight.
Column C row 12-15 list that the desired amount of total calories is 1700, and the the desired distribution rate of those calories should be 10% on carbs, 30% on protein, 60% on fat.
Column C row 6-8 reflects that, given this desired calorie amount, and given the desired percentage distribution, the optimal amount of calories for each item should be 170 carbs, 510 protein, 1020 fat respectively.
Row 4 lists a weight in each ingredient, and is completely random and not necessary. I added it to see if the calulations in column G, H, I worked. With row 4 and the below listed values per 100 grams, it calculates that if you use that weight of ingredient, then the total amount of carbs/fat/protein would be the number displayed in G, H, I 6-8.
Column F adds up the numbers in row 6-8 respectively.
Column E calculates that given the totals listed in F, the achieved percentage of the desired amount of calories (listed in C) is x% of total.
Row 4 can be deleted, and I want instead to have G, H, I 6-8 to calculate of row 5 (recommended weight).
I want the spreadsheet to calculate what the optimal weight in each ingredient should be, to get the values in E 6, 7, 8 as close to 100% as possible.
Basically, I want it to output: use x grams of ingredient A, y grams of ingredient B, z grams of ingredient C, and than the total calories will be a%, b%, c% of the desired level for each respective ingredient , with a, b and c each approximating 100% as closely as possible.
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Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Software