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I ran a research business using ms dos before retiring. I

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I ran a research business using ms dos before retiring. I have one desktop computer running still running exclusively dos (via Windows 98). It's getting old and fritzy. Question I'm considering going to Windows 8 in a new laptop. Is there anyway I can run DOS on it in order to access these old business files? Please advise. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX XXX-XXX-XXXX

Hi my name isXXXXX would like to assist you with your question. I am an expert here on in the computer field.

How are you doing today?

Glad to meet another fellow DOS user Laughing There is a few options if you decide to go with a newer system.

There is 2 that come to mind.

1) DosBox (A dos emulator) you can download for free on

2) Virtual Box

Also another free tool. You can actually install MS Dos on Virtual box and use it as a Dos based PC inside of Windows.

If you run into any issues i'll be here to help you in any way when you get a newer computer. Please feel free to reply to me anytime Smile

If you have a moment don't forget to rate my help below (an excellent service rating is most appreciated) Laughing(To rate my help click the smiley faces below then press the submit button)

Also if you need any computer help in the future, you can return to this chat anytime day or night (I am online from 9am est until at least 11pm est every day of the week)

Thanks again for all you patience
Jeremy and other Software Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Jeremy, Thanks. XXXXX don't have the Windows 8 loaded computer yet, I might try the downloads on my current XP just to familiariaze myself with them. (Is "Dosbox" or "VirtualBox" preferred for loading into a Windows
8 system?) Otherwise, as I move into this, what's the prefered way to contact you for further help? Most of the DOS experts seem to have died off!

PS: I'm into the "REPLY" box, if I hit the "Reply" button below, will I exit rhe system w/o giving you your "rating?" If so, how do I get your rating in? If I hit reply,and find can still rate you, I'll do so (and you can ignore this PS). John


You can add this chat to your favorites or return here anytime you need any help. Virtualbox and Dosbox should run just fine under Windows XP but it's preferred OS is Vista or newer.. If you get stuck on anything John please let me know.

You can rate my help below using the smiley faces and submit button and continue to reply anytime you need any computer help Sealed

Thanks John!

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Over the weekend, I tried to install VirtualBox on my old computer (but after 10-minutes, it stopped the download with "unable to proceed"). I then downloaded "DosBox" -- which seemed to be successful but....

1. I can't find any way to access it and

2. I picked up an "AVG Service Search" which I don't want and have tried every thing I can think of to get it off my browser -- so far without success.

So far, I'm stymied as to what to do with the advice....


Dos Box should work. Let's do this.

Click Start, Programs, DosBox then choose Dosbox again

At the dosbox prompt you can mount folders to drives easily

For example: lets say you have an old program like peachtree

PeachTree is located at C:\pt

At the dosbox prompt type in mount f C:\pt then push enter

Type F: then push enter

F drive is now mounted to C:\pt

For the AVG

Let's try this (if you use another browser besides internet explorer let me know)

Hold the Windows Key (looks like a flag on the keyboard) then push r

In the run box type in inetcpl.cpl

the Programs Tab

Click Manage Addons

Look in the list for any AVG entry. Click it then push disable

let me know if that does the trick

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.



I thought I'd sent you an answer to your response earlier today. But, after I'd sent it, I was asked to agree to another payment (which I didn't agree to). In reviewing our correspondence, I now see a this "Reply" area after your last reponse. So, here's about what I'd sent earlier regarding your last advice:


1 -- I was able to access DOSBOX OK (but since I don't have a DOS file on my disk yet, I'll just be looking through the DOSBOX information to familiarize myself with it..


2-- I ran through the Programs' Tab Manager Addons and disabled the AVG files. However, the AVG search comes up as soon as I sign in on any browser -- Explorer, Google, AOL. I did a computer file search on AVG and came up with almost 50 files dated 9/21/13 (and font files dated 9/1/1989). Should I delete these files? (I still don't know if it was the DosBox or VirtualBox that it piggied-back on; the VirtualBox download stopped itself, but the DosBox download was successful -- Should I be looking for AVG fin it? (Who is AVG; can I complain or do anything to them? They act like really do the hell out of the system; and intentionally make it difficult to get rid of them -- just like a virus.....


Suggestions? John


Try to Right click on the AVG search bar and see if it let's you uncheck it John.

Also. Dosbox functions as DOS does, so you won't need to install Dos. See if it let's you install the dos based program inside dosbox.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Last nite, I went into the "remove" program list and removed the ATV program. AVG is off of the browsers now. But, there's still 50 AVG files on the disk -- I'd like to get rid of them. OK?


Regarding DOSBOX. I've looked over everything listed in the directory (except I haven't been able to get find README file to open it). I'll be getting a new computer (an ASUS S500) and BestBuy has assured me that they'll be able to include a functioning DOS directory (included my DOS Word and Plan files when they set up the new computer.


I found the "JustAnswer" approach a bit clumsy.... Each message actually raises new questions which -- while simple -- cause a stutter step reaction on my part. My sophistication has slipped badly, making me continually question my own actions. A direct (phone or even an active messaging) would have been more helpful for me. For future references, are such methods available thru JustAnswer?


Thanks for your help, if there's any additional advice you have on either the unexpected AVG problem (an unfortunate distraction) or the DOS plans for the new computer, please send them on..... Thanks!




The 50 files are most likely preference files from the old install nothing to worry about.

Excited for you to get a new PC. Keep me updated. Everything with your old software should work fine. If not i'll be here John

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