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Jeremy, Computer Repairer
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Computer Malware So far this malware appears only after

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Computer Malware

So far this malware appears only after I go to any website via Internet Explorer.
It doesn’t appear when I use Google Chrome.
It always appears in the lower left corner of the computer screen.
It is a rectangular box that moves in and out of the corner.
Each time it moves out from the corner it has an ad and gives a choice to hide (X) the ad and box (partially).
If you click hide (X), the ad moves to the left off the screen leaving a smaller black box still on the screen.
When you go to a new website, the same ad or a new ad shoots out obscuring what you are trying to read again.
The box even ruins paper prints because the box appears on the paper print obscuring the content of the print.
On some of the ads, if I right click on the ad and check properties, the following is some of the info: I can’t remember exactly but it was or or something like this. (I have not left clicked on any ads to view them however.)
At other times, other ads seem to have long changing titles in the properties section.
I ran scans and all of the following do not detect this malware:

Microsoft Security Essentials
Spybot Search & Destroy
EMSISOFT Emergency Kit

Assistance Required:

I only want to receive assistance from someone who is totally experienced in removing this specific malware quickly.
This expert must have removed this specific malware before and knows exactly how to do so.
I do not want to spend hours with trial and error. (I had a bad experience with an iTunes problem with a Just Answer Experts.) (I’ve had good experience with electrical wiring questions.)
Hi my name isXXXXX would like to assist you with your question. I am an expert here on in the computer field.

How are you doing today?

Can you try a couple things for me? Seems like IE may have a hidden toolbar, (I'm not a huge fan of IE, seems to have a ton of issues with Spyware/Malware, glad you use Chrome too)

Let's try this

Hold the Windows key (looks like a flag on the keyboard) and press r

In the run box type in inetcpl.cpl then push enter

the Advanced Tab

Click Reset

Check the box to delete personal setting

Click Reset
to confirm

Exit Internet Explorer and re-open

If that does not work let's look at add/remove programs to see if a toolbar is hiding

To do that

Hold the Windows key again and press r

In the run box type in appwiz.cpl then push enter

Wait for the list to load. Look in this list for anything that says "shopping, coupon, toolbar, etc along those lines)

Click on each item and press uninstall

Follow the prompts to complete the removal.

Let's see what that does Laughing
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Jeremy: Wow, that was way too easy! - but hey I am happy because it worked so quickly with first set of your instructions.


I went on about 5 different web sites and the box didn't appear so it looks like all is OK.


Do you think it is completely gone? or is it possible it infected other areas of my computer?


If it comes back shortly back will you work with me to fix?


I use Chrome most of the time but use IE to get into my skydrive.


Not sure where I got this bug.

I sure do, it should be 100% gone. You can use those steps ANY time IE acts up like that. That's my go-to fix for my customers and it's about 99% effective all the time.

If you run into any issues Tom, please do not hesitate to write me day or night and i'll help you in any way I can

It should let you rate my help below using the smiley faces / submit button.

Keep in touch Laughing

Jeremy and 2 other Software Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for this great help.