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Bryan, Computer Enthusiast
Category: Software
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Experience:  Having worked with computers for over 25 years, starting back with DOS programs, I've used most everything.
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Hi. I need some advice. Should I pay staples 80.00 to install

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Hi. I need some advice. Should I pay staples 80.00 to install Sophos?
Secondly, my Acer Aspire Netbook is 2-3 years old and I have been having many problems including slow downloads of a web page then unable to scroll down, delays in when I type something and when the letters appear . I tried to install Bios Updates but not sure if I did it right. Anyway the local computer guy said it will be between 75 and 125 for him to diagnose it and I'm thinking maybe spend the money on a new iPad or something. I like the 10" screen and since I exercise while I watch movies I want it to be vertical. I mainly watchovies and surf the net. Any ideas? Thanks

Hi, my name is James.


You shouldn't pay for an anti virus. Install it yourself, and use this free one from Microsoft - it is safe, fast and light - and completely free:


As for the slow downloads, try a different browser first. Chrome is a good one:


If you decide you want to invest in an iPad, it is a good idea - but wait till September, when the new ones (5th gen) are supposed to come out. No use getting one now when the new one can be had for the same price.


Hope this helps!


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
How much does it cost to have my Acer Netbook checked out and fixed approximately?
The are 800 numbers in my local phone book under Computer Service that says they'll fix your computer over phone or Internet. Do they work?
Why does Staples charge 80.00 for Sophos? Thanks for the Link!
Can I get another Netbook for under 200 or a Tablet ? Does it come with a Stand so I can watch movies?
What causes SLOW downloads since we switched to Comcast?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
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Welcome to JustAnswer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you today. Please do not rate this session until it has been completed.

The rates for fixing the netbook should normally be about $80 for a full cleanup (not just a diagnosis). Do some shopping around before committing to anything like that. I can also give you some links to free software that will help you to clean it up yourself.

But in the end, you may still not be satisfied with the speed and an iPad would work well in that department. Plus if you want the vertical screen, you really can't go wrong with the iPad.

Staples charges to install the software because it's a convenience to have them install it for you. But it's really not difficult to install yourself. Once you have the software, it's pretty much just a case of running the setup program and answering a few basic questions. It's pretty much all automated.

As for fixing your computer over the phone, when it comes to doing cleanups you need someone hands on. Either yourself or a repair shop/ Simply because of the reboots and testing various configurations that might be needed.

You can find Netbooks on eBay for under $200. They won't be brand new, but they should work fine for you. But there won't be a stand for a netbook. Most tablets do come with stands, but you won't find any priced in the $200 range. Probably $300 - $500 would be more like it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi. Can you send me those Links? We have very few computer repair in my area. Staples does a free tuneup Is this any good? Why does my computer say " cannot run due to a long running script?" And it says that for ALL websites I try. Also, what if he has my computer and CAN'T fix it, will he charge me? Thanks!
The site is probably part of the other problems. Some techs will charge for a diagnosis but that is something you would have to ask the individual tech or company before agreeing to let them take a look at it. As for the free tuneup from Staples, it is a good deal. But they will almost certainly try to sell you something while it's there. If you have any questions about what it is they are trying to sell, be sure to ask them why it's needed. If Staples is going to do a free tuneup, then you won't need those links after all. Better to let them take care of all the cleanup and tuneup. But if you still want the links, the first thing you should install and run would be cCleaner from Piriform. You can find it here:
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks What does it mean when it says "cannot run due to long-running scripts?" What if after the Staples tuneup, all the problems are still there?

What is it when you try to scroll down but your curser doesn't work until about 60 seconds and then I can scroll down? In other words, you try to read an article but it takes FOREVER. thanks!

All of those symptoms are caused by slow internet and overused CPU. If the problems are still there after Staples does the tuneup, then the person doing the tuneup had no idea what they were doing. Tuneups are specifically designed to remove the exact problems that you are seeing. What I do in tuneups is:

1 - Full antivirus/malware scan (just for safety)
2 - Clear out all temporary files and old paging files
3 - Remove unnecessary startups
4 - Remove extra toolbars from the web browser
5 - Verify the registry entries
6 - Install all Windows updates that may have been missed
7 - Update other software to latest versions (like Java, Flash, Reader)

After all of that, your computer should run very well. And that is a pretty standard tuneup that most companies would do.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks!CPU means? So the symptoms I'm having do not mean my Acer is going bad because this is what I thought. How do you know your computer is going bad? This is my First computer aside from the Mac I had in college!
CPU is Central Processing Unit .. the brains of the computer. No, it's really pretty rare for a computer to just go bad. Pieces do fail, but the symptoms you're seeing are not indicative of a system failure. You'll know when it's failing because you won't have video, or there won't be any power, the keyboard won't work, or something else along those lines. If you can get into Windows (and even sometimes when you can't) but the computer is slow or acting up, it can be fixed by doing tuneups or in extreme cases, reinstalling Windows ... which would make the computer function like it did the day you got it.
Bryan, Computer Enthusiast
Category: Software
Satisfied Customers: 1445
Experience: Having worked with computers for over 25 years, starting back with DOS programs, I've used most everything.
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