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As a minister I opted out of S.S. years ago and am now

Customer Question

As a minister I opted out of S.S. years ago and am now looking at working bivocationally for a period of time until my retirement age. If I do that and work a part time secular job for a period of time will that allow me to ultimately still qualify for medicare benefits later on?
JA: These retirement benefits are supposed to help us but they can be so complicated! The Retirement Expert will help you get the most benefits propertly. Is there anything else the Retirement Accountant should be aware of?
Customer: Just give me an answer to my previous queston.
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  taxmanrog replied 1 month ago.

Welcome to Just Answer! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you! I will do my best to help!

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Expert:  taxmanrog replied 1 month ago.

Yes, if you work a part-time job, you can still qualify for Social Security and Medicare.

In order to qualify for SS, you need 40 quarters of income, or 10 years' work, in the prior 35 years. Part-time employment that is subject to Social Security withholding qualifies for this. So a secular job will help you get SSI. When you elected not to take SS due to your religious work, it only applied to religious work, it has no effect on secular work.

In order to qualify for Medicare, you need 20 quarters' work, or 5 years.

The IRS considers one quarter to equal to $1,260 this year. So if you make about $5200 this year, you will get the maximum 4 quarters of credit.

I hope this answers your questions! If you have any more, please feel free to ask and I will be happy to answer.

Thanks! Have a great week!


Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Is opting back into Social Security still an option whatsoever?
Expert:  taxmanrog replied 1 month ago.

It is not an option for the nonsecular work. It is required.

The only way you can end your religious exemption is if you fail to meet the eligibility requirements or if the Commissioner of Social Security determines that the sect or division fails to meet them. You must notify the IRS within 60 days if you are no longer a member of the religious group, or if you no longer follow the established teachings of this group. The exemption will end for the tax year in which you or your sect/division first fails to meet the eligibility requirements.

Expert:  taxmanrog replied 1 month ago.

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