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When will I receive my monthly said benifits

Customer Question

When will I receive my monthly said benifits
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  TaxRobin replied 11 months ago.


SSA pays out benefits monthly base don the type and your birth date.

SSA explains the payment dates as follows:

The benefits are paid in the month following the month for which they are due. For example, you would receive your July benefit in August. Generally, the day of the month you receive your benefit payment depends on the birth date of the person for whose earnings record you receive benefits. For example, if you get benefits as a retired worker, we base your benefit payment date on your birth date. If you receive benefits based on your spouse’s work, we base your benefit payment date on your spouse’s birth date.

Here is a link to the caledar for 2016

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Hi I'm Adam P Johnstown and on said they failed to pay me my benefits in May. I was supposed to get my money on the 3d of May they took out the premium for Medicare part B before I got my money.on all the other months prior plus CHILD support. Because themselves not sending money in May on the3d my Medicare B was. Cancelled on the 31st of may2016 .now their saying I can't reapplie till July of2017 why should I have to wait because of their mistakes and I have lots of my Dr visits payed in cash I borrowed from a friend who is on as I so I am asking for my part B Medicare to be reinstated asap I've got too many health problems and Medicare does not cover my primary care doctor. I also feel that I should get the money back that was payed to my primary care doctor. Medicade also does not cover all my prescriptions. So.I'm going without the meds I am prescribed. Please help with this matter with respect, Adam P Johnston
Expert:  TaxRobin replied 11 months ago.

I understand your frustration.

You need to contact your local office. I would not be allowed to intercede for you and request information about your payment.