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Ask stephanie o joyThank you to my initial question.Do we

Customer Question

ask stephanie o joyThank you for responding to my initial question.Do we have lawyer client confidentiality priviledge via email?This is follow-up to my previous questions. If they become separated, legally separated, or divorced how does that change the child's benefit? does it affect it. Does it change the family maximum benefit?the father has asked the mother to sign a paper saying "I will not be declaring for social security benefits under my husband at this time." what does that mean and what are the implications? what benefits could she even apply for?the husband has a meeting scheduled with social security to get the benefits set up for the child and does not want the wife to attend that meeting with social security. When he applied he supposedly applied for benefits for the child to but there was a glitch. The wife recently just to get information went to social security and the agent suggest that she attend the meeting. The husband is adamant that she not attend. the agent implied that the agency prefers to make the mother the payee. would that then decrease the benefit for the child as the mother is still working and not social security age?Item number 8 says are children living in same household with you. does number of days make a differences? Number 16 have children lived with worker in last 13 months? what does that mean..everyday, one day a month. Is is a set answer or gray?when you file the application is it a set amount ( based on a formula) or can it vary based on discretion of officer that reviews the application?thank you in advance for your help. I have additional questions and information but need good accurate answers. thank you in advance for your help.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  Stephanie O Joy, Esq replied 1 year ago.
quot;Do we have lawyer client confidentiality priviledge via email?" - No, this is a public forum. If you want to have private conversations, I will invite you to an actually attorney phone consult. It is heavily discounted from my normal billable rate for my clients, but quite a bit more than using this public forum Q&A. In addition, your choice of transaction in this particular thread would typically cover 1 question, not multiple questions if your post here included more than one.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I accepted offer under as free trial with unlimited question for 7 days.
Expert:  Stephanie O Joy, Esq replied 1 year ago.
That does not provide the confidentiality you inquired about, unfortunately. Nor does it allow for any attorney-client privilege. But if you wish, I will continue online with you hear, answer your primary question, and if you wish additionals, you can start a new thread post with new question and just direct it to me. Since you say you have unlimiteds, then that should not be problem, yes?