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Category: Social Security
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A friend of mine says she knew a woman who had never paid into

Customer Question

A friend of mine says she knew a woman who had never paid into Social Security until she was 68 years old. She never married yet claims at age 70 she received maximum benefits. This was quite a few years ago so the woman claimed benefits of $2,800.00. Is this possible?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  lev-tax replied 1 year ago.
Not possible...Here is an official publication 4How do you qualify for retirement benefits?When you work and pay Social Security taxes, you earn“credits” toward Social Security benefits.The number of credits you need to get retirement benefitsdepends on when you were born. If you were born in 1929or later, you need 40 credits (10 years of work).If you stop working before you have enough creditsto qualify for benefits, the credits will remain on yourSocial Security record. If you return to work later, you canadd more credits to qualify. We can’t pay any retirementbenefits until you have the required number of credits.Does that answer your question?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Possibly, however ( this woman would have been born before 1929) how does that apply to two years of work in 1998 and 1999. She supposedly made $24,000.00 each year. How many credits would she have at that point?
Expert:  lev-tax replied 1 year ago.
People born before 1929 need fewer than 40 credits (39 credits if born in 1928, 38 credits if born in 1927, etc.).However - if she worked only two years - the maximum she may earn is four credits per year - total 8 credits.