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Christopher B, Esq.
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I am 59 years old and have worked full time 38 years

Customer Question

I am 59 years old and have worked full time for nearly 38 years now, however...I have had psoriatic arthritis that has really disfigured my feet, hands and elbows. For this I have been on Methotrexate for the past 25 years know and during the past couple of years it has been destroying my bones and forced me to have surgery on my feet. I have been out of work for 6 weeks now recovering from my left foot surgery, I still have a long way to go before that foot is good enough so that the surgeon will then immediately worked on my right foot. Yes, I am currently on short term disability, but it may very well go into long term. As well as the arthritis, I have osteopsorosis of my bones, plus COPD and I take levothyroxine 112mcg for my thyroid disorder. Needless to say, that during the past several years, my body is just wore out. Concentrating is getting hard, and even writing or doing this keypunching is getting tough. I have also been on Tramadol and Hydrocodon for several years now. I really do not know what to do, as my friends have told me that getting social security disability here in Indiana is extremely tough. What should I do? Thank You, Steve
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  Christopher B, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
My name is***** and I will be helping you with your question today. This is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney client relationship. It sounds as though you would be a good candidate for SSDI but this can be a long process. See link on how to qualify from the SSA website:""Disability" under Social Security is based on your inability to work. We consider you disabled under Social Security rules if:You cannot do work that you did before;We decide that you cannot adjust to other work because of your medical condition(s); andYour disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year or to result in death."Here are the steps to ascertaining if your disability qualifies: "If you are working in 2016 and your earnings average more than $1,130 a month, you generally cannot be considered disabled.If you are not working, we will send your application to the Disability Determination Services office that will make the decision about your medical condition. "(2) "Your condition must interfere with basic work-related activities for your claim to be considered. If it does not, we will find that you are not disabled.If your condition does interfere with basic work-related activities, we go to Step 3."(3) "For each of the major body systems, we maintain a list of medical conditions that are so severe they automatically mean that you are disabled. If your condition is not on the list, we have to decide if it is of equal severity to a medical condition that is on the list. If it is, we will find that you are disabled. If it is not, we then go to Step 4." See link for adult listings of disabilities; would have a very good chance of qualifying under "1.00 Musculoskeletal System - Adult" See link: If your condition is severe but not at the same or equal level of severity as a medical condition on the list, then we must determine if it interferes with your ability to do the work you did previously. If it does not, your claim will be denied. If it does, we proceed to Step 5.(5) "if you cannot do the work you did in the past, we see if you are able to adjust to other work.We consider your medical conditions and your age, education, past work experience and any transferable skills you may have. If you cannot adjust to other work, your claim will be approved. If you can adjust to other work, your claim will be denied." It would seem that it would be worth your time to file for SSDI especially if you are so affected that you are disfigured and unable to work. Please let me know if you have any further questions and please positively rate my answer if satisfied. There should be smiley faces or number from 1-5 to choose from. This extra step will cost you nothing extra and will ensure that I will be compensated by the site.
Expert:  Christopher B, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Just checking back in, do you have any further questions?