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I am 66 years old my wife will be 64 in June. I have earned

Customer Question

I am 66 years old my wife will be 64 in June. I have earned maximum earnings since 1970. My wife has 32 quarters earned from working 1971-1978. Would it be advantageous for me to pay her a wage for 2 years so she would be eligible for benefits when she has 40 quarters?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  eacfp replied 1 year ago.

No, it wouldn't help much as she is entitled to spousal benefits on your earnings record. Spousal benefits are equal to 50% of your PIA benefit when she attains age 66. For example, if your benefit is $2,500 a month, then she would be entitled to $1,250 at age 66. She could also begin collecting prior to age 66 if you begin collecting benefits or file and suspend your own benefits. A spouse receives the higher of spousal benefits or her benefit (assuming enough quarters of coverage). So if she acquires another 8 quarters of coverage it is very unlikely that this would increase her benefit more than $1,250.

Expert:  eacfp replied 1 year ago.

Do to a recent change in the law, if you want to file and suspend, you must do it by April 29th of this year.