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I am a sole proprietor of a small chiropractic

Customer Question

I am a sole proprietor of a small chiropractic son has just came into practice with me, and not being use to all of social securities rules and regulations, he did not check a box on a form for some patients pertaining to blood pressure....they are going to deny us a percentage of the pay on all social security patients for one there any way to remedy this situation....I already pay an ungodly amount of federal and state taxes every pay son went to school to learn how to help people, not to have to learn every rule and regulation Medicare seems to want to lay at our was a mistake yes, but because he is learning a whole other field when dealing with Medicare, our whole office suffers....I have 5 different families that depend on our patients coming to us for care...with this type of treatment from social security, why would anyone, and especially the doctor want to be involved in all these new regulations!....and yes we have an insurance girl who goes to every seminar on Medicare for our state, and she can hardly keep up with their changes all time.... probably just venting more than actually being able to do anything about this, but it is very hard to be in practice for 35 years, with a very good following of people, and loving what I do, but most important helping people....which has always been my main goal!... to not be able to maintain this level of professionalism because a woman at social security thinks we need to be punished, and can decide what type of punishment, and for how long, is beyond my comprehension!....we pay our taxes....always have, and always will.....please consider an owner of any business who works long hours, every day but Sunday some leniency when just because a box did not get marked on some forms, some consideration, and to not repeat the same mistake again!....if you have any insight...please consider who and what I should do!...thank you!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  Stephanie O Joy, Esq replied 1 year ago.

You are speaking of Social Security, but SS does not pay claims, so I presume you mean the Medicare insurance are of the law, is that correct?

I am responding to you not because I have a miracle bullet to fix this ludicrous medicare issue you are facing, but simply to tell you I totally get it and I am appalled at the red tape bureaocratic city hall type atmosphere within the offices that handle the Medicare issues and the social security benefits issues. I too am a small (smaller than you) practice owner (mine is SS disability and retirement law, pro bono heavy, but definitely therefore reliant on each actual fee being paid over by SSA) and when you are stuck with a clerk who doesn't realize she works for the people, is a civil servant of sorts, but feels a rush of power with the pend, they can cause great financial hardship to both patient/claimant and practitioner.

That said, have you located the medicare law that prohibits a resubmission of claim forms based on clerical error? Did the evil minion (lol) that decided to wack you a penalty provide you the law that says she can do so? I ask because I see you filed for Recon (which is right to do), and often these clerks don't send a letter expressing where they derive their right to make a discretionary or non-discretionary decision, but just lay down the result. But maybe she did?