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Category: Social Security
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I receive Social security benefits of 2394.90 per month. My

Customer Question

I receive Social security benefits of 2394.90 per month. My wife receives 675.90 each month. The latter is based on her earnings. I believe I read that spousal benefits allow my wife to receive at least 35% of my benefits which would amount to $838 per month. Is this correct and if so, how do we make the change?
Christopher Baird
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  PDtax replied 1 year ago.

Hi from Just Answer. I'm PDtax, and can assist. Her spousal benefit can be as much as 50% of yours, IF SHE WAITED UNTIL FULL RETIREMENT AGE to claim.

If she claimed early, the discount applied to her benefit would also be applied to yours. At age 62, assuming 4 full years early claiming benefits, her benefit was reduced from her 100% FRA benefit to 63%. If this applied to her spousal claim, her benefit would be

(100% of yours*50%)*.63=31.5% of yours.

Since my math, and yours, indicates a higher spousal benefit, she should apply for spousal benefits to get an increase in her benefit payout.

From re: how to apply for this benefit:

You can apply:

If your spouse is already receiving benefits when you apply, or if you and your spouse apply at the same time, we will also check your eligibility for benefits as a spouse. If you qualify, your application will also automatically serve as a request for spousal benefits.

Expert:  PDtax replied 1 year ago. is the web page I used for the contact information.

Thanks for asking at Just Answer. Positive feedback is appreciated. I'm PDtax.