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Arthur Rubin
Arthur Rubin, Tax Preparer
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Experience:  Over 20 years experience in tax preparation, including some multi-national Social Security applications.
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I changed my whole entire name legally through the courts

Customer Question

I changed my whole entire name legally through the courts because of Domestic Violence.
DMV has given me a new driver's license but I have two choices. Either I can change my name at the DMV and leave it as a AKA with my old name and old SSN or I can get a new SSN from Social Security. Here is my problem or question. The man whom I'm hiding from has all my ssn, dl and well everything and he has destroyed my credit and life up to now. I want to change my Driver's Licence number and I want to change my SSN but I don't want all the old stuff to follow over into my new name. So does SSN transfer or tell the credit bureaus your new Idenity so that all gets connected to me again or should I just get the new drivers license number and attach it to my old name as a AKA and not change my SSN and just not use it anymore or ? I don't need credit. But if I knew for sure I could start over clean and fresh I would do it, then forsure he would never find me, but I don't want all that to follow me.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  Arthur Rubin replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for using Just Answer.

I'm afraid your credit history may follow you to the new number, even if the court order specifies that your ex is responsible for all the payments, if the credit applications were "joint" and if the applications were not forged. After all, the debts may be "legitimately" yours.

Although Social Security doesn't routinely issue new Social Security numbers, they will do so "when evidence shows you are being harassed or abused, or your life is endangered." See New Numbers for Domestic Violence Victims for the requirements and mechanism. Your ex will be unable to obtain your new Social Security number, and should be unable to apply for credit using your old Social Security number.

I wish I had a better answer for you, but that's the best I can do.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Your right this is not too helpful. As far as getting a new SSN that is no problem. I have all that is needed to do that. So let me ask you this then. When you get a new SSN for your New Name Does Social Security contact the credit bureaus and your creditors and let them know you have changed your name and number or is your file clear until you use your new number and name to obtain credit for something?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Now if I don't change my ssn and I just have dmv put my new name on my old ssn will the new license number and name go out so that creditors will no I changed my name and start to hound me again and or if someone looks me up that will try to call me by my old name and say aka to my new name?
Expert:  Arthur Rubin replied 1 year ago.

Well, the Social Security numbers will be linked, so that Social Security and the IRS can coordinate information stored under the different Social Security numbers.

As you are aware, there are many people to whom you have given your Social Security number (bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, possibly medical offices and utility companies). You will either have to drop your contacts with those entities, or tell them about the new Social Security number. If you don't contact your creditors, they will still be able to "hound you" under the old Social Security number. (It's up to the court if you can legally deny being the person under the old name; this is certainly not within the field of "Social Security" questions, so I cannot even speculate as to what you are legally allowed to say.) If you do contact your creditors, they will be able to link the old and new numbers; whether they do so and report the link to the credit agencies is up to them.

If there are no links to your new Social Security number, you will have a blank credit record with that number, which is not exactly the same as a clean credit record. This isn't the witness protection program, where the government will create a new identity with some history.

Again, you asked the question in the "Social Security" category; many of your followup questions fall into different categories, where I may not be an expert.