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Is there extra help available. So far this year my total

Customer Question

Is there extra help available for prescriptons for 2016. So far this year my total paid for drugs is 1879.00 tHE INSURANCE i HAVE WILL NOT SERVICE WISCONSIN IN 2016.sO ive been looking the best i can find will cost me 3687.00 which is alot more for the same drugs. My monthly income is 2224.00 I receive from social security along with 760.00 I get from my pension and 120.00 a week for partime job. I pay 725.00 in rent a month and 250.00 for car payments. My premium for a and b went up also which will be 1400.00 plus for the year .
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  keeperumiami replied 1 year ago.

Unfortunately, you are in the same boat with a lot of people in similar circumstances. You make too much to qualify for the governmental "extra help" programs which are essentially part of the Medicaid program. However, depending upon which drugs you are taking, you may be able to obtain many them at no cost from the Pharmaceutical companies themselves. They all have such programs with various terms of qualifications. You can start by locating the manufacturer on the internet and looking for their programs on their website. The all have directions & applications available. If the drugs are controlled substances, the drugs will have to be delivered through your doctor and some companies require the doctor to sign your application and to periodically renew your prescriptions. You can also contact the "Partnership for Prescription Assistance" which is sort of a clearing house for many of these programs for low & moderate income individuals and families. Here's a link to their website:

The other option is to consider a Medicare Advantage Plan with prescription drug coverage & see how that compares in price to your current alternatives. Those plans start with zero premiums and work their way up depending upon the level of coverage you select and are able to afford.

Expert:  keeperumiami replied 1 year ago.

Just checking in to see if you've had a chance to go over my response & to see if you have any follow-up questions?

Steve G.