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My wife worked and started her social security at age 62,

Customer Question

My wife worked and started her social security at age 62, and receives less than 50%of my social security. My sister-in-law didn't work and gets 50% of her spouse's social security and is more than my wife's monthly payment. That doesn't seem right. Social Security told me that my wife didn't qualify for half of mine since she worked. Is this correct?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  dylatess replied 2 years ago.

Your wife is entitled to her SS and one half of yours, which ever is greater. But you cannot compare what your wife receives with others as it all depends how much each tax payer has earned and how much SS taxes were paid into the system. Likewise, when your wife took SS at age 62, whether she was collecting one half of yours or her own benefit, it was automatically reduced by 30% for taking benefits early at 62. Hope this helps. I wish you both well.