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Megan C
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My grandson, l6, has just moved in to live with me in LV. s

Customer Question

My grandson, l6, has just moved in to live with me in LV. His parents, who are both divorced and remarried, cannot cope with him. Neither wants him.
He has severe bipolarism with Asperger's.
His last school attempt was a Continuation School in LA which did more harm than good - he met felons and gang members. He stopped attending classes, and as far as I know has been kicked out of the school in Calabasas where he was living with his dad and stepmother.
His father and he got into a heated physical altercation which was straw on camel's back and why is now here with me.
Please help us! My grandson is a lost soul who needs help. I don't know what to do.
I lost my own son 8 years ago to suicide, and this current situation is not only deja vu, but has me torn up emotionally and is taking its toll.
Please tell me:
1. Is my grandson eligible for Social Security money at l6?
2. He cannot attend regular school - he has been in/out of several in LA, and the Continuation School was last chance so to speak. Authorities there told him he has 32 credits towards HS graduation, and there is no way he will ever catch up - they gave him no hope.
3. If grandson does not qualify for Social Security financial aid, do I, as his caregiver, since chances of his getting and holding a job are slim.
4. What legal documentation do I need? Legal Custody, or will Power of Attorney suffice?
5. What do I need to know to help my grandson? He is mentally challenged and so needs some love and help.
6. My grandson's mental disabilities and school record have been documented for years - starting with diagnosed ADHD in grade school. I can get these records but have not taken him to a psychiatrist here yet.
Please, please tell me what direction to go. I am divorced, live alone, and will be 68 in November.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  Megan C replied 2 years ago.

So sorry Vivienbe to hear about this.

Your grandson can't get any social security benefits unless he is eligible for a survivor benefit off his parents and that's the case only if thy had a strong work history. If you adopt him you could get benefits but only for 2 more years which likely won't help much.

I would suggest contacting the department of human services and see if he qualifies for any intervention services. However do realize that he can only be helped if he wants to be helped. Be sure that you have a strong support system for yourself and realize this is not your fault.

I'm sorry that there's not more out there. The problem is that this is a fairly typical situation. The government can't afford to give out funds to everyone with this type of trouble.

Please take care of yourself