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Category: Social Security
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I am 79 years old and a retired US Citizen (receiving about

Customer Question

I am 79 years old and a retired US Citizen (receiving about $2,000monthly) living in Greece since my retirement on the year 2000 and after my diviorce (in 1999. My ex draws benefits from my employement). I Co-live with a lady who is a Greek citizen since 2001 when her husband died. She is now 73 years old.
I am thinking to get married with her so we can perhaps (in case things become worse in Greece, not sure yet) return together to the States.
How long after the marriage she will get: 1) a Social Security number, 2) naturalization 3) Social security benefits including health? 4) What wiull be her benefit?
Thank you
John H. Sporidis
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  lev-tax replied 2 years ago.
Hi John and welcome to our site1.After married - your spouse will be eligible for SSN immediately.And you will be eligible to file a joint income tax return in the US for the year in which you will be married.For tax purposes - your martial status is determined on the last day of the year. Thus if you will be married on Dec 31 - you are considered as married for the entire year - and will be eligible to file a joint tax return for that year.2.You may apply for the green card for your spouse immediately - but the process might take about a year.She will be granted a temporary green card status for two years and permanent green card status after that. She will be edible to apply for naturalization after being a green card holder for three years.For additional details and how to process - I suggest to post a separated question in Legal Immigration category.3.Your spouse will be eligible for social security benefits based on your record after being married for 10 years.She will be eligible for Medicare after naturalization.Here social security benefits based on your earning record will be 50% of your benefits.Let me know if you need any help.