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SSA.Help4u.168, Accountant
Category: Social Security
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Several years ago my social security benefits were reduced

Customer Question

several years ago my social security benefits were reduced by one half. i have never been able to get a written explanation as to why this occurred. how do i accomplish this
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  SSA.Help4u.168 replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for contacting us today. My goal is to provide efficient assistance to you and hopefully a peace of mind as well.
I have a few questions.
1) Are you at full retirement age?
2) Do you still work?
Info that might be beneficial to you:
If you work and get benefits
You can continue to work and still receive retirement
benefits. Your earnings in (or after) the month you reach
full retirement age won’t reduce your Social Security
benefits. In fact, working beyond full retirement age can
increase your benefits. We’ll have to reduce your benefits,
however, if your earnings exceed certain limits for the
months before you reach your full retirement age.
If you work, but start receiving benefits before full
retirement age, we deduct $1 in benefits for each $2 in
earnings you have above the annual limit. In 2015, the
limit is $15,720.
In the year you reach your full retirement age, we
reduce your benefits $1 for every $3 you earn over a
different annual limit ($41,880 in 2015) until the month
you reach full retirement age.
Once you reach full retirement age, you can keep
working, and we won’t reduce your Social Security benefit,
no matter how much you earn.
Pages 9 & 10
If the above does not apply to you, my suggestion is to schedule a face to face meeting with a SSA supervisor and ask that they explain to you why your benefits were reduced.
Let me know if I can be of further assistance to you regarding this matter.