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Experience:  SS Expert, CPA, Professor, CFP. CGMA, Business Consultant, Professor, PFS I have decades of experience helping clients..
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I was born 15 Sep 1937. I retired 31 Dec 1988 after 27 yrs

Customer Question

I was born 15 Sep 1937. I retired 31 Dec 1988 after 27 yrs with CIA, but I first became eligible to receive a monthly pension on 31 Dec 1981. This was my 20 yrs service date which qualified me for a pension. The agency haS a 5-10-20 year plan - 5 yrs with the agency, 10 years overseas service, and 20 years federal service, which I met.
Social security stated that my benefit was reduced because I was not 50 years old before 1987???? I think that the law says "when you first become eligible after 1985 for a monthly pension". I submit that I became eligible for a pension on 31 Dec 1981. I just could not start receiving my pension until I reached age 50.
Therefore, don't you think I should be receiving my FULL SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  ShawnA replied 2 years ago.
I have some bad news. SS discounts retirement benefits depending on when you start talking them. FRA (full retirement age) is now 66. Anything prior to that age taking SS loers the % you get (the earlier the lower), Then in 1983 Congress passed something called the "Windfall Provision act " that effects people who never contributed to SS for most of their work experience. (teachers, cops, government workers). I bet this is also effecting you. I'll offer you a telephone discussion to resolve your questions and issues. The average JA price is 18.00 but I'll charge you the minimum JA allows. 5.00 We'll talk as long as necessary. All you have to do is accept the offer. Otherwise we can text here back and forth
Expert:  ShawnA replied 2 years ago.
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Thank you so very much in advance.
Expert:  ShawnA replied 1 year ago.
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