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ShawnA, SS Expert, CPA, Professor, CFP. CGMA, Business Consultant, Professor, PFS , Decades of experience helping clients..
Category: Social Security
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Experience:  SS Expert, CPA, Professor, CFP. CGMA, Business Consultant, Professor, PFS I have decades of experience helping clients..
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I just retired and will receive my first SS check in July.

Customer Question

I just retired and will receive my first SS check in July. My husband, who is younger than I am, won't retire for another 5 years. Yesterday he received a notice from SS showing a projected reduction in his benefits because our combined SS cannot exceed $2900. What's that about?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  ShawnA replied 2 years ago.

Hello. My specialty is focusing on YOUR Financial needs. Financial Planner/Business Owner for 20 years. CPA,PFS,QFP,GMMA.

I'd be curious to see that notice because I'm not aware of any such limit. In fact I know couples who receive more than that combined.

I'll offer you a call because there must be another freason . Perhaps the windfall reduction act has some effect due to previous employment.

The average JA call cost is 18.00. Mine is just 5.00. We'll speak as long as necessary to resolve this strange is


Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I worked in the university system for five years and six months and am drawing a pension from there, a system where I did not pay into Social Security. So this is the government pension offset. The difficulty is that my husband also worked there and now I am worried that when he starts to draw they will similarly reduce my social security.

Expert:  ShawnA replied 2 years ago.

They will NOT reduce yours.

His will be calculated but will not effect yours.

Agauin I ifferd you a call to discusss this crazy 2900 letter that yiu received becayue there id NO SS regulation that a couple can ON LY get comnibed income of 2900.

AS I said I have many couple receiving in excess of this amount as a couple.

This is why I think a call helps.

Expert:  ShawnA replied 2 years ago.

Please rate my response in order that I can close this question out.

It will cost you nothing extra to do so and will help me greatly.

Thank you so very much in advance.

Expert:  ShawnA replied 2 years ago.
Please rate me with an OK (at least). It costs you nothing extra and that is how I get paid.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I cannot find the paperwork that we received from Social Security and want to have that in front of me when we talk. Can we try to touch base tomorrow? I was reading the pdf about government pension offset and it says something about if you work 60 months and pay into social security, there may be some grace. He worked at the university for 13 years where he paid no social security, but he has worked over ten years in other government pension systems where he did pay social security. When my husband gets home tonight, I'll get that paperwork and we can talk.

Expert:  ShawnA replied 2 years ago.
we can certainly do that. I will send a call offer (not the b18A average cost). a flat 5.00 Accpt the call and I will post my number in a secret box onkly you can see. Then you can call me when you are tready to discuss.

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