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I want to file and suspend my social security, so my spouse

Customer Question

I want to file and suspend my social security, so my spouse can collect spousal benefits. Can you tell the logistics for doing this? Do I need to make an appointment and do it in person? Thanks
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  PDtax replied 2 years ago.
Hi from just answer. I'mCustomer and can assist. The process is not limited because you want to file and suspend. From SSA.GOV :If you have reached full retirement age, but are not yet age 70, you can ask us to suspend retirement benefit payments.If you apply for benefits and we have not yet made a determination that you are entitled, you may voluntarily suspend benefits for any month for which you have not received a payment. Your request to suspend benefits may include any retroactive benefits that might be due.If you and your current spouse are full retirement age, one of you can apply for retirement benefits now and have the payments suspended, while the other applies only for spouse's benefits. This strategy allows both of you to delay receiving retirement benefits on your own records so you can get delayed retirement credits.Note: If you want to do this, only one of you can apply for retirementbenefits and have the payments suspended.If you are already entitled to benefits, you may voluntarily suspend current or future retirement benefit payments up to age 70 beginning the month after the month when you made the request.Reminder: We pay Social Security benefits the month after they are due. If you contact us in June and request that we suspend benefits, you will still receive your June benefit payment in July.You do not have to sign your request to suspend benefit payments. You may ask us orally or in writing.If your benefit payments are suspended, they will start automatically the month you reach age 70.If you change your mind and want the payments to start before age 70, just tell us when you want your benefits reinstated (orally or in writing). Your request may include benefits for any months when your payments were suspended. " You apply, online or in person. Once you apply, you notify the agency you wish to suspend. That notification can also be a phone call or in writing. Your spouse then applies as a spouse. That application can be made online or in person. Thanks for asking at just answer. Positive feedback is appreciated. I'mCustomer