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My stepfather recent was diagnosed with brain cancer. He is

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My stepfather recent was diagnosed with brain cancer. He is now fully disabled. He recently applied for regular Social Security benefits (early) as well as applied for disability benefits at the advice of a local SSA office administrator. He was told he would have to wait 5 months (I think 5 months after his diagnosis?) before we could draw any disability benefits. My mother (his spouse) was told she could apply for an increase in her benefits as a result of her husband applying for benefits via something called a "Living Spouse Benefit" I think. She is age 70. My mother's benefits are currently $875/mo and stepfathers are I think around $1600, which might increase to $2200 with his disability. My question (which may require further details) is: Are there any special considerations or anything we can do to maximize our benefits? Given that my stepfather has a highly aggressive cancer with limited life expectancy (avg. 14 months), are there any special considerations or circumstances that would reduce this 5 month waiting period?

I am sorry to hear about your stepfather's illness. This will be a challenging time for all of you.


The Social Security Administration operates 3 programs: Social Security Retirement, Social Security Disability, and Supplemental Security Income. I will refer to them as SSR, SSD, and SSI in my comments after this. I will address each area and how it impacts your family separately.




Retirement benefits are available to eligible beneficiaries beginning at age 62 (reduced benefit), a normal or full retirement age (usually 66), and a maximum benefitat age 70. The benefit once determined remains the same (with the exception of cost of living adjustments). Thus if someone claims a benefit at age 62 it will not increase at 66 and at 70. Although you do not provide your stepfathers age, I will assume it is similar to your mothers. The SSR benefit, once applied for, begins the following month.


This effects your mother as well. Although she will need to apply, she is entitled to the greater of a benefit determined on her own earnings or 1/2 your stepfather's benefit during his lifetime. Once he passes her benefit will change to be the greater of one determined on her own earnings or 100% of his. That is the surviving spouse benefit.




No one can collect both SSR and SSD at the same time. The greater of an SSR and SSD benefit is the one that will be paid. There are also SSD benefits for dependent family members. That is why applying for SSD is important here. However, application processing through the acceptance cannot be hurried. The benefit will be retroactive to the application date.




Supplemental Security Income is a program to assist those with insufficient income. Keep this in mind in case your mother ever needs it.


You can read more about these programs at the Social Security Administration web site When the time comes, your mother should also apply for the Social Security death benefit. Please feel free to return to me any time as you go through this. I will assist in gaining understanding.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Stepfather is only 62 if that makes any difference - please let me know if it does. The information that the SSD Benefit is retroactive to the application date is extremely helpful - thanks very much!

Since your stepfather is 62 he can and should apply for his Social Security retirement benefit. It will be a reduced benefit as compared to if he waited until he reaches full retirement age which for him is 66 but the money will be handy. He should also apply for the Disability benefit. It will not increase his benefit amount but will provide benefit for his dependents.
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