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Megan C
Megan C, Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Category: Social Security
Satisfied Customers: 16579
Experience:  Licensed CPA, CMA, CFE, CGMA M.Accy Also Teach Accounting courses at Master's Level
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My son spent 12 Years in school in the special ed department

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My son spent 12 Years in school in the special ed department school said his mind Would only develop to the aid 16 catching up with him so he qualified for Social Security

Megan C :

I realize you have a question about social security. My goal is to provide you with excellent service, and help you better understand your options.

Megan C :

How are you?

Megan C :

What is your question today?

Megan C :

Do you have a question about your son's social security?

Customer: Yes he spent 12 years special Classes in school he have worked But he is getting older and cannot relate So how do I get him some help
Megan C :

Is he on social security now?

Customer: No
Megan C :

Is you or his other parent currently drawing benefits?

Customer: Yes but he's 40 years old
Megan C :

Has your son ever worked?

Megan C :

I'm trying to determine which benefit he would be best served by

Customer: Yes most of his life often on long as he worked on the job is probably about four years and they really understood him
Megan C :

Okay, then if he is disabled, meaning he has a condition that prevents him from working, you should see what his own benefit would be on his own work record

Megan C :

If his benefit is very small, then he could possibly get a benefit off you or his other parent equal to 1/2 of what you draw as your benefit. However, to do this you would have to prove that his disability began before the age of 22.

Customer: If when school started he was put in special classes at that point just work manual labor but his body It's not holding up anymore
Megan C :

He would need to go to the doctor, and be determined to be disabled...which means he has a physical or mental condition that keeps him from working that is expected to last 1 year or longer, or end in death.

Customer: You can have a disability and work But ask time Go on you don't fit Anymore So he don't fit and don't understand but he did it work
Megan C :

Yes, I understand but to qualify for social security disability, you can't work anymore. Once you are on disability you can work a limited amount of time though

Customer: So my government want me to take care of him for one year and he will be Eligible After he goes to a doctor Why is his school records Not enough
Megan C :

No, not for one year. He can apply as soon as he can no longer work. Social security will review medical records and make a determination.

Megan C :

His condition, though, is supposed to last a year or longer

Customer: His condition have never changed His evaluation from the school said that his mind was never develop more than a 16-year-old
Megan C :

You could start with the school records, but social security may send him to a doctor at their expense.

Customer: That's cool I'll start with the school And their doctors that sounds fine So I need to get paperwork from s/s that right Thanks for the help will talk later
Megan C :

Okay. You can go to and start the process

Megan C :

Is there anything else that I can assist you with today?

Customer: Thank you and have a good day 🙏
Megan C :

You too. Before you leave, please take a moment to rate my response as "Excellent"

Megan C :

so that I may receive credit for assisting you today

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