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I am 60 yr old at this time. I am divorced from a second marriage

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I am 60 yr old at this time. I am divorced from a second marriage that lasted 21 yrs. I was told recently that when I decide to collect social security I can choose to collect from my second husbands account. Is this true and how do I determine if my monthly amount will be higher from my own account or from my second husbands. Even though I am only 60 yr old, I am an RN andassist. work 12 hour shifts. I am having a medical problem and am not sure how much longer I am going to be able to work. So I would like to know my options ahead of time. I am not one to wait till the last minute to find out what my choices are. Thank you for your
The rule, in simple English, is that if you were married for more than 10 years and did not remarry before attaining age 60 you will be able to collect on your former spouses benefit (1/2 his benefit) or your own benefit, whichever is greater. Based on your employment your own benefit will likely exceed 1/2 his benefit and you will likely collect that. You cannot collect both. However, to determine your own benefit, available at age 62 and after, you can go to the Social Security Administration's web site and use the benefit estimator tool which is available on the first page.
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