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Arthur Rubin
Arthur Rubin, Tax Preparer
Category: Social Security
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Experience:  Over 20 years experience in tax preparation, including some multi-national Social Security applications.
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I was able to get my ss benfits suspended until jan 2014.

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I was able to get my ss benfits suspended until jan 2014. I have not retired yet, but my application would was set at Dec 2013, but I wanted to wait until the year I turn 66 (2014) I sent a letter to western program service telling this, since the benfit letter I received started Dec 2013. The infomation I got back, stated they would not pay benefits in Dec 2013. That is good. But they stated based on your earnings: year 2014 Earning our records: $35,000. Can tell me what this means? Are they carrying over a partial of my earnings, which will total $100 k by end of December?

Arthur Rubin :

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Arthur Rubin :

I would need to see the letter to be sure, but it looks as if you are signed up to start benefits in December 2013, and that benefit is suppressed because it is before your full retirement age, and you have too much earnings in 2013. I have no idea how they could have year 2014 earnings.

Arthur Rubin :

If you can scan and upload the letter (with your name, address, and SSN redacted), I could give a more detailed answer.

Customer: The agent at SS told me he would suspend the start date to January 2014 so I would have more work options. The letter stating 2014 earnings through me for a loop. Thanks I will,call them next week and get an answer. I know they do not carry 2013 earnings over to the next year.
Arthur Rubin :

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
FYI my letter: the $35,000 is an estimated year earnings for 2014. It does not carry over from 2013. However, very much on low side. Just any FYI from SS
If it's an estimate of 2014 earnings, it is probably just an FYI from SS. If you are getting social security benefits only after your full retirement age, earnings are not a factor, except that your benefits may be recalculated if your current earnings are in the top 35 years.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No rhanks
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