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Megan C
Megan C, Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Category: Social Security
Satisfied Customers: 16579
Experience:  Licensed CPA, CMA, CFE, CGMA M.Accy Also Teach Accounting courses at Master's Level
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I am a retired firefighter from a town in Ill. I get a pension

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I am a retired firefighter from a town in Ill. I get a pension from the town, I know I don't get my full SS benefit but my question is this. My wife passed away last year and I was told because of my pension I don't get any of her SS benefits, is this true?

MyVirtualCPA :

I realize you have a question about social security. My goal is to help you better understand your options.

MyVirtualCPA :

How are you tody?

MyVirtualCPA :

I'm sorry to hear about your loss

MyVirtualCPA :

You would be subject to the "government pension offset" on your survivor benefit

MyVirtualCPA :

So, your survivor benefit would be reduced by 2/3 of your pension benefit

MyVirtualCPA :

So, if 2/3 your pension is greater than your survivor benefit you would not get a benefit

Customer: So after paying into SS for years and having all my quarters in I get nothing from my wife Ss
MyVirtualCPA :

If you have 30 years of earnings, then you are not subject to the government pension offset

MyVirtualCPA :

But if you have less than 30 years, unfortunately you are subject to those rules

Customer: What do you mean 30 years of earnings. How do I find out?
MyVirtualCPA :

You could contact social security and get a copy of your earnings record. If you have 30 years of work where you paid into social security you would be good

Customer: I have to have 30 years of earnings or does my wife in order for me to get part of her's. ?
MyVirtualCPA :

You have to have the 30 years to not be subject to the government pension offset

MyVirtualCPA :

Do you have any additional questions?

Customer: No
MyVirtualCPA :

Have I provided you with Excellent Service today

MyVirtualCPA :

I'm truly sorry that I didn't have better news

Customer: Service was good but it still a confusing answer
MyVirtualCPA :

Okay. If you would please rate my service using the rating scale along the bottom of the screen

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