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retirementlawyer, Tax Attorney
Category: Social Security
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Experience:  13 years experience in social security
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What is the average wait time to start receiving SSI benefits

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What is the average wait time to start receiving SSI benefits after the phone interview and hopeful approval? Is there an average amount one receives?

retirementlawyer :

is this for supplemental social security or regular social security benefits?

retirementlawyer :

for SSI the process can take 90-120 days,

retirementlawyer :

The monthly maximum Federal amounts for 2013 are $710 for an eligible individual, $1,066 for an eligible individual with an eligible spouse, and $356 for an essential person.

In general, monthly amounts for the next year are determined by increasing the unrounded annual amounts for the current year by the COLA effective for January of the next year. The new unrounded amounts are then each divided by 12 and the resulting amounts are rounded down to the next lower multiple of $1.


Calculation details
RecipientUnrounded annual amounts for—Monthly amounts for 2013
20122013 a
Eligible individual$8,386.75$8,529.32$710
Eligible couple12,578.7112,792.551,066
Essential person4,202.984,274.43356
a The unrounded amounts for 2013 equal the unrounded amounts for 2012 increased by 1.7 percent.

My boyfriend was denied SS disability due to lack of credits and he was told he could get SSI. He is scheduled for his phone interview in August.

retirementlawyer, Tax Attorney
Category: Social Security
Satisfied Customers: 17223
Experience: 13 years experience in social security
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Hello and and thank you for your question. For over 34 years, I have answered questions just like yours. And I look forward to assisting you.

Assuming he has strong medical records that support his disability, the SSA will not schedule that he be seen by a government doctor. In that case, the wait time is about four months. But if an appointment heeds to be scheduled, that usually adds another two months to the process.

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