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I am 57 and on disability social security. If I sell stock,

Resolved Question:

I am 57 and on disability social security. If I sell stock, (not company), on ameritrade and have capital gains, will this affect my social security? I also receive retirement from the post office.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  Ellen replied 5 years ago.

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SSDI benefits are not need-based. If you receive SSDI, because you have worked and then became disabled, the gain would not affect your Social Security

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I became disabled before age or intention at age 54. Does that make a difference? Are capital gains not considered income? I need to be sure because as it turns out I am doing well trading stocks. Atleast so far but I can't loose my medical or my sure income incase I mess up! Sorry I take so long but its difficult.

WebLaw :

If your trading becomes a business, you will eventually lose your medical and Social Security disability. Here is how it works.You can collect your full SSDI benefits and earn all you are able to earn for nine months. These nine months are called the Trial Work Period.

Any month that you have countable Income of $980 or more will count as one month in the Trial Work Period. The Trial Work Months do not have to be consecutive. If you earn less than $980 in a month, then it does not count as a Trial Work Month.

Once you have used all nine months of the Trial Work Period, you will still receive your full SSDI benefits as long as your income does not exceed what Social Security calls Substantial Gainful Activity. In 2009, Substantial Gainful Activity is Countable Income that exceeds $980 per month.

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I hope that it helps to know this information

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