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Im 17 and I just became my own SSI payee due to my family

Customer Question

I'm 17 and I just became my own SSI payee due to my family being my payee and misusing my money and committing fraud with my disability money. The goverment Paid back $4000 my family stole from SSI and now since I'm became my own payee about a week ago I have recieve about $2000 in the mail. I cant trust my family to start a bank account for me and I cant have that much money around cause they will steal it so I have a co signer since I;m under 18 so now I have a bank account and a savings account yesterday I put $1500 in savings and $300 in checking and $200 chash my queshtion is how does SSI want want me to spend this money how fast do they want me to spent $200 the problem is I'm scared to tell my family that I'm my own payee now cause they might steal the money or lie to SSI. My Mom does drugs I find pipes in her room everyday I report them to the cops and they say she has to smoke them in front of me I just dont understand this world today. I have had to buy my own things since I could remember my mom is never home and I have to hide my vauables and my cell phone and hygene products.ect cause my family steals them good thing I'm my own payee now though now I can get me a new braw and close I havnt got a new braw in about two years I have wore this one that long. the problem is if my mom finds out how do tell them and how do they not get the money back? I'm trying really hard I'm keeping recieps, buying it on the things I need most teens would have blown that $2,000 already I put $1500 into savings. Please give me tips on what social security wants me to spend it the most on and if I can at times spend it on extra(fun) things at times cause I'm new at this Please type up as much as possible but if you also want to mail me some more tips about keeping my family from winning also mail to this address:

Karlee HroneK
203 S Vine Street
Garnett Kansas 66032
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  dylatess replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your questiion. Note, the SSA is not as much concerned with how you spend the money but instead how much money you have left. It is illogical but the rules are that at no time can yu have more than a monthly average of $2000 in assets. That is, you cannot have more than $2000 in one or more accouts at the bank. But can can own a car and you can buy furniture and clothes that are necessities. And you do not need to keep recipe. All fhe SSA ever wants to see is your bank statements to see how much you have. As for other necessities, you can only have one car. In other words, the money is for you to live, not lavishly of course but to live. Finally, if you are a good record keeper, keep rent receipts if applicable. And lastly the SSA typically checks once a year. Good luck to year. Oh, one last thing. It sounds like you are owed one more back check. So use fhe money for things you absolutely need and no expensive items that would be considered a luxury purchase. Glad to help.  Please be so kind as to click the GREEN accept button as I do not get paid for my assistance unless you accept.   A bonus and and positive feedback are also appreciated.  An ACCEPT also assures that I can assist you again.  I wish you the best in the future.  Thanks.
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