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I have an iphone 5s and it just keeps going to the iphone

Customer Question

MY name is ***** ***** I have an iphone 5s and it just keeps going to the iphone logo and first going to a blue screen then turning off I've tried hard reset rebootion restarting and even getting a new battery and none of this has worked.what should I do?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Smartphones
Expert:  Rusty replied 11 months ago.

Hi Mckayla, my name is Rusty. I'm working with another customer with almost the same issue. The problem is that your phone has a corrupt operating system. I was able to remedy their phone earlier today. Here's what I want you to do:

Open iTunes on your computer, and plug your phone into the USB port on your computer. You'll see a button to restore your iPhone. Click that. That will analyze your phone, see what needs to be done, and it will reload the operating system onto your phone. It takes a while, and it's important that you don't unplug it while it's restoring. That will only make you start over.

It may ask to update to the latest version of iTunes, go ahead and do that, your phone needs the latest version. You should see your phone restore, and work like it should.

When we are finished, please don't forget to rate my service with you today with 3-5 stars so I can get credit for helping you. Rating does not close the question, and you can communicate with me at no extra charge.

Expert:  Rusty replied 11 months ago.

Were you able to restore your phone?