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Re iPad mail. I need to know how to display full message

Customer Question

Re iPad mail. I need to know how to display full message for one page messages and for multiple messages tiled on the same screen. I already know this about one version of one page messages that aren't complete. Some have a little bit of the message with a button to see entire message download now and I've been successful with that, there's another type where the screen is filled but you can't get to the end of that single message. I haven't discovered the buttons for displaying the entire message.
Re multiple tiled messages
How do I display the bottom of the first message? How can I get to the hidden messages? Once I've moved to a hidden message, will that one display the entire message or will I have to repeat the procedure for displaying the full message each time? Once I've opened the hidden messages how can I move around when the order of messages will be different?
I'm assuming once I have the entire message on screen that it will have all the message management features like reply, forward, file, bookmark etc. which I use a lot and will need to be able to do with all messages, even ones I've received .
Another ? I'm seeing something new when they first come up. About a third of the way from the top going down there's a relatively large colored circle with a single letter. I have seen at least 2. I can't tell you exactly about color and different letters because I only noticed it in passing and want to know about them right now without going to mail before I finish the start of our conversation.
Also, you should know because of issues, my iPad has been backed up and rebooted and with many difficulties that showed that the back up and start up were complete. A few tests
until the Apple tech concluded the session didn't turn up any repeats of my problems. Just from what I've done after we finished, I don't think the problems are fixed and don't know if this attempt to fix the problems through checking out the software is successful. That could come up in our session but I hope not. Just sayin.
Enough, I will let you start helping me now. OK?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Smartphones
Expert:  ElectronicsPete replied 1 year ago.