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Can you help me install the ez CSI cell detective software

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Can you help me install the ez CSI cell detective software in to my phone?
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Please tell me the site you got this from.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Here is the site information



Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX they changed their name (they use to be called Cell Control)

At the risk of receiving a poor rating from you, I am going to tell you the truth about this software.

This software is a scam and will never work.

When it first came out, I tried every which way to get this to work on the iPhone, Blackberry and Android. I have years of experience with these phones and know them inside out.

It is not possible and there are a number of reasons for this (and even though in the back of my mind I knew this I still tried to get it working).

It is not technically possible to do what the program says.

The way the Government, Military do this is by plugging into the frequency of the phone and listening in, or via the Cell Tower or the phone company. Each phones frequency has a secure digital encryption lock. There are scanners out there that can (highly illegal) get into this but it is a lot of work and you really need to understand encryption to do this.

Last and not least, if it worked, why are they making it these complicated files? Why not an App to download from the App Store?

A brief search on this will also show you all the people that have failed to get this working. The ones that say they did, never explain how when asked and are very likely to be paid by the company to spread this.

I know this is not what you want to hear, but I take the liberty to tell my customers this so that they can contact their credit company to get their money back (I wouldn't even bother getting a refund from them as they never issue this)

I hope you look at this and realize that for me, if this software really worked it would be a lot easier to tell you how to get it working rather than try to explain why it wont.

I also really hope that when you rate my answer you do not rate me poorly out of frustration regarding this program. If you are adamant that I am wrong, please do not rate me poorly but just let me know. I will opt out of the question, but i give a 100% guarantee you or anyone will never get this working.

In advance, Thanks for giving a positive rating! Ratings are how I receive credit for helping you today.

If you need further assistance for this problem before or after rating feel free to ask a follow up and I'll be
glad to help.

Richard C

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Richard,


Since you are well versed in this area, can you tell me what a good easy service is? I need to install something into a suspicious employees iphones as confidential information may be leaking out. It is important for them to either not know or be given a very dumb down version of the application.


I would pay you to contact them and install of this is possible.


Can you help me with this?

I am not allowed to call.

But I can help

So basically you want to record what on the phone?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Emails and texts are the most important as that is the mode of communication for the individual (as pictures can be taken and sent that way). Voice calls are not as important, but a call log would be good.


It would really only have to be short term as once there is evidence against him or proof of innocence then the issue can be dropped.


Is there a way for me to do this? I myself feel uncomfortable forcing the discussion (anymore than I have) and do not want to bring it to upper management until I know (I do not want someone to look bad because I think they are suspicious).


Is there something like this? Or more importantly a service that can set this up for me?

what is the make and model of the phone?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

iphone 4s

It is not going to happen on the phone itself.

The iPhone is controlled by the App Store and Apple way too strict.

Any app you want for this has long been banned from the App Store.

Unless you can Jailbreak the phone (they will notice this) you cannot track them.

I was hoping it was an Android

But if it is work email, can you not have the Network Administrator review their email account?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If I take it to admin too soon, he may get in trouble for something he did not do wrong, I am trying to confirm.


The employee does have a ipad that was given by the company... can apple be get contacts from that? or a list of texts from that?

No Apple Will never do this, it would be a PR nightmare, plus illegal.

Do you know his Apple ID?

You can go to and log in with it to view his contacts

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