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How do you get voice text on lg800g tracfone! WATCHED THE VIDEO

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How do you get voice text on lg800g tracfone! WATCHED THE VIDEO ON HOME SHOPPING CHANNEL but she goes so fast I can't do it! That's why I BOUGHT THE phone now I can't figure it out!
Hello and welcome, my name isXXXXX'm sorry to hear about your problem.

Can you please describe this further, are you trying to send voice messages?

Thank you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I'm trying to send text by voice because I DON'T TEXT TO GOOD! I saw them demostrate on HSN where I bought it but they go over it to fast even when I watch the video along side the product! Hope I didn't miss understand it because that's why I BOUGHT THE PHONE! Is sending a voice message when you dial their # XXXXX it says leave a message? I know how to do that. I'm talking entirly about hand texting or voice texting!
Thanks Mae, please see this information:

You can send a voice text, but that will end up being a multimedia message which will take a couple of minutes of airtime to send rather than the .33 units (on Tracfone) for a simple text message. This is because there's a data attachment - your voice audio file.

On the phone, select the Message Icon and select Create New Message.
Fill in the To: and Message info and then select Insert > Sound > Record Voice and and record your message (up to 2 minutes 36 seconds long). After you stop the recording, you can play the recording if you want or just select Insert to add it to your message. Then hit Send. As I said it will cost a couple of minutes of airtime to send. It's still worth it if you don't want to interrupt the person with a call.


I hope this helps you, please take your time with these steps, and if you try to rate my service but it won't let you, or you see access denied, please let me know.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Will try this and get back to you! I got 1400 min with the phone plus when I need more they triple for life! I basicly have 5 people that I want to learn to do this instead of calling and bothering them! Probable get back to you tomorrow!
Sure thing Mae, to make sure you can return to me and not anyone else or a new session, please favorite or bookmark this page, or you can check your emails from JustAnswer with my picture, in them will be a link to return to this exact page.

Thank you,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Bernie! I am so excited! Figured it out and also how to send multiple voice text at one time! Told my sons they're in trouble now because they're going to have to buy me minutes down the road for all the Holidays! They were so sure you couldn't do that with this phone and told me to send it back and and get areal phone! You made my day at my age. Now I CAN send a real voice to my Grandkids & Great Grandkids! EXCELLENT SERVICE! If I have any other problems I will contact you again! Thanks

Haha, glad to hear that, you're very welcome Mae, I was happy to assist you today!

Please click one of the happy faces you see below, an excellent service rating is greatly appreciated.

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Best regards,
Bernie K.
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