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My iPhone 4s screen has gone blank...still making noise, ie

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My iPhone 4's screen has gone blank...still making noise, ie ringing etc...reset it...still blank?
Hello, thanks for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I look forward to assisting you today and providing you with the best answer possible.
This is could be a glitch in the software and the iPhone needs to reboot, lets try and force a reboot. Hold the Power button and the Home button down at the same time until the Apple logo appears, then release the buttons and allow your iPhone to reboot, then it will be ready for use again.Let me know the results please.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No logo appeared, the screen just went from dark grey to black...what now?
  1. Connect the USB cable used to sync your iPhone to your computer, but do not connect it to your iPhone.
  2. Then hold down the home button and connect the USB cable (which should still be attached to your computer) to the dock connector of the iPhone. The iPhone will turn on and display the Apple logo. Keep holding the home button until the iTunes logo/USB cable appear on the screen. You can let it go then. The phone is now in recovery mode.
  3. If the red empty battery icon appears onscreen, let the phone charge for a few minutes and then restart this process.
  4. When the phone is in recovery mode, a window will pop up in iTunes saying that the phone is in recovery mode and needs to be restored.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Nope, nothing happened but a couple of buzzes and beeps.
Okay, try this please.


Then Start your iTunes and connect your iPhone to your mac/pc.

2) Keep holding the sleep/wake and home button for about 10 seconds. Release the sleep/wake button, but keep holding the home button. you will hear some sounds.

3) If you did it correctly iTunes will tell you that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.

4) If you see the iTunes icon and cable on your iPhone, your device is not in DFU mode, but in recovery mode. Your device’s screen will be black when you are in DFU mode. I always have to try this several times so succeed.

5) Connect your device back to your Pc/Mac and press SHIFT+CLICK (pc) or COMMAND+ CLICK on the restore button.

6) Select the firmware version you’d like to install.





Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What is DFU mode and when do I disconnect before reconnecting?
DFU means Device Firmware Update. If a restore using Recovery Mode doesn't work you will want to use DFU Mode as a last resort. When placing your iPhone into DFU Mode it does not load the OS before attempting the restore/
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