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Hank F.
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What does overspeed fault light mean and why does the manual

Customer Question

What does overspeed fault light mean and why does the manual say I need a service tech to resolve the problem?
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Hank F. replied 1 month ago.

Hello, my name is ***** ***** I am going to assist you with this.

I noticed no one else has helped you, so I am going to do my best.
I’m really sorry you had to wait so long for a reply. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I work 2 day jobs, and normally help on Just Answer in the evenings. I was at work all day.
Although I can’t be online 24/7, I am on almost every single day -often only getting 3 or 4 hours sleep, due to me spending so much time trying to help others.

If at any point, you feel you can’t work around this schedule, please just let me know, instead of leaving me negative feedback, and I will opt out. But I do have to consider my full time job.

The Over Speed Light means that the controller sensed that the engine is running too fast, so it shut the unit down to prevent damage from occurring.

The manual says that an authorized technician should repair it, because they have the proper training and tools to do the job right.

Although a lot of lay people are competent enough to the the job themselves, there are also those that hae no business trying to fix anything. Some people are just not mechanically inclined.

Plus the fact that when working on a genset, it is not just the mechanics involved - you are also dealing with 240 volts. High voltage is not something to take lightly, nor take shortcuts with.

This is one way a manufacturer protects themselves from liability.

Any product you buy out there, from a generator, to a blender, to a car, to a TV - the operator manual will give you basic troubleshooting steps that the average consumer can safely do, but anything too advanced or technical, your owner manual will tell you to take it to an authorized service center.

Expert:  Hank F. replied 1 month ago.

Did I explain this well enough?