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Have Karcher Model K 2401 HH pressure washer. When you star

Customer Question

Have Karcher Model K 2401 HH pressure washer. When you star tspaying, or let off trigger after you have been using. You have to take the tip off the wand , press trigger let some water run through, then you can put the tip back on and it will work again. How do I repair?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  JON replied 1 year ago.

I can tell you that the biggest problem with the K-2400 is the "unloaders" will stick from time to time causing a complete pressure loss. This was due to the factory not putting enough grease on them in the assembly process. The following is an easy 5-minute fix. You will need a #30 Torx, a straight slot screwdriver and a tube of white lithium grease.

1. With a screwdriver, pry off the silver button (#1) from the black plastic cover (#2).
2. Remove the black plastic cover (#2) from the pump.
3. With a #30 Torx or a Phillips driver, remove the two screws that hold the thermo valve housing (#3) to the pump.
The clearance is limited and you may need a right-angled driver or a bit driven with a wrench at aright angle to the screw.
4. Remove the thermo valve housing (#3), the thermo valve (#5), and the thermo valve spring (#6) from the pump.
5. Connect your garden hose to the input of the pump.
6. Connect the hose, gun and wand to the high-pressure outlet of the pump.
7. Turn on the water to the garden hose. The pressure should force the unloader (#8) out of the pump.
8. If this does not work, start the pump and stand back.
9. Turn off the water (and pump) and find where the unloader (#8) landed.
10. Lightly lube the o-rings at the top and bottom of the unloader with either white lithium or silicon grease.
11. Reassemble the unloader in the reverse order given above.