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My friend just had a 24 HP twin v 54 inch deck craftsman

Customer Question

My friend just had a 24 HP twin v 54 inch deck craftsman delivered today
He has a couple acres and half way through his belt broke, he went and picked another belt up and it ate that one also he sent me a pic of a what looks like not quite a 3/8 round piece o f steal with a bolt hole at one end that he said keeps getting bent out which looks like a belt guide or may have had a roller on it bot there is nothing at top of it, a hole for cotter key to suggest a roller to me it looks like it would stop belt from coming off pulley. I'm under the influence that something is froze up, What do you think. Just curious I know they'll fix it
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Donald replied 1 year ago.

Hello Ken. Thank you for choosing Just Answer. I will be happy to assist you. It is very likely that either an idler pulley, or one of his spindle assemblies has a worn bearing, that is seizing after it heats up. Also, he should double check, to make sure his belt was not rubbing against a belt guard.

Expert:  Donald replied 1 year ago.

You and I can continue from here.