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Category: Small Engine
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When the sun is gh, the door will not operate. Tries and

Customer Question

When the sun is high, the door will not operate. Tries and light blinks a couple of times and stops.
After the sun is no longer bright at the door, it will operate normally.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  eddie22Island replied 1 year ago.

Hi Henry ...........I know of the cold weather effecting the sensors but I wasn't sure about the hot temps...........are you saying that the door is open and the sensors are in direct line with a hot sun?............they will stay hot for a while I guess .............but what you can do when this occurs is to go to the wall control and hold down the button until the door closes.........after that the safety sensors have a "sender" and a "reciever" can try switching them making sure you use the same wires when can adjust them out of the sun...........or shield the eyes with a small piece of PVC pipe or something similar...............let me know about this when you can