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I bought a troy built, 17/ 1/2 horsepower briggs and

Customer Question

I bought a troy built, 17/ 1/2 horsepower briggs and Stratton engine from lowes in December, I wanted to buy a friend one for Christmas, but all lowes had was one they put out for display and in the winter months they parked it out side for two years, so because they gave me such a great buy on it I told them I would take it. they said it wouldn't start or run and it wouldn't turn over. I got it home, and being an auto mechanic for several years, but knew nothing about small engines, I decided I could get it running, so got it home, it wouldn't turn over. had to take large screwdriver and force the flywheel to turn. finally it broke loose. well then it would turn over but wouldn't start. found fuel problem, cleaned fuel tank, new filter and I put a carb kit in it. finally it would start but surge badly. so I had a pro rebuild the carb. put it on and it slightly helped the surge, but while running it still surges. Of coarse stupid me didn't change oil and the oil stick shows about a quart of oil over fill, which probably is half water. so what can I do to get the surging out of the engine
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Curtis B. replied 1 year ago.

Is it surging under load while mowing or just running n load? Can you stabilize it by touching the linkage? On the linkage will be springs, take all the slack out of the springs, but do not add any tension, just get the slack out, and see if that doesn't take care of the surge. You did check the fuel solenoid in the carburetor for full movement and it is not binding?

Expert:  Donald replied 1 year ago.