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To answer your question, it worked fine until I bought a

Customer Question

To answer your question, it worked fine until I bought a mulching conversion kit from the manufacture (Troy-Bilt). I felt that it was cutting much lower and did everything I could to be sure it was at max height. Nothing worked so I removed the mulching
portion and replaced with my original blades. Also, per your request, I measured both blades (and both end of each blade) and all measured 3.25 inches. In each case, I measured to the front of the leading edge of the blades, which is the lower, cutting edge.
I have bladed grass for almost all my front year vs Bermuda on the 10' stretch on the other side of my driveway. There is no scalping on the Bermuda, only on the bladed grass. We bought the (52 year old) home two years ago and have not dethached since we bought.
I am almost certain that it hasn't been dethached in many years so there is a bit of a"cushioning" under the bladed grass. I will dethach before the summer is over and again in late fall. Because of the above, I feel like I need to buy a set of the larger
tires (made for a different model but will fit on my Pony). If you have any suggestions to try, please let me know; otherwise, confirm that my best bet are the larger tires. THX Jim
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  JohnF2015 replied 2 years ago.

I do have one question for you. Was the machine working okay with the original blades prior to installing the mulching kit?

Expert:  JohnF2015 replied 2 years ago.

I have only run into this issue on one other occasion at which point I ended up having to replace all tires with a slightly larger tire in order to get some extra height. This may be the only way that you can get the height where you would like it and keep the machine from scalping the ground.