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Have a xantrex 2000 inverter and an auto generator start.

Customer Question

Have a xantrex 2000 inverter and an auto generator start. Gen running for a few hrs then stopped automatically. gave fault 202. was able to clear fault and restart. what is this fault? Anything I need to do?
Also can I turn off xantrex and manually start generator? will this bypass xantrex an allow continuous running? currently Xantrex max run time is 8 hrs. will this harm Xantrex?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.

Hi my name is Robert.....

Sorry for the delay on this, your question was moved to the RV section....

Fault 202 is an internal fault with the inverter it means one of the relays inside the inverter is in the stuck position. I helped an owner a few years back and there are two resets you can try on this.

On the left side of the inverter box there are two lines that look like telephone lines. Between them is a recessed switch with ByPass/On as the two positions. Move the switch to bypass, wait 20 minutes for the unit to cool and return switch to On. You should hear the relays inside the box activate. Check the display to see if the error message has cleared.

If that does not work then put the switch in the bypass position. Disconnect the shore power. Disconnect the batteries at the terminals. Wait at least an hour for the unit to cool. Reconnect the batteries. Move switch back to On. Check display for error message. If Cleared, All Good. If not, make an appointment to get inverter/charger replaced.

Can not say what will happen if you bypass the inverter if you can shut it off then I would try it to see if you get power....

Hope this helps some... Robert