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Briggs-Fan, Small Engine Technician
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  over 15 years experience in small engine repair, multiple certifications
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I'm a disappointed owner of a ST-2046 riding lawn mower!

Customer Question

I'm a disappointed owner of a ST-2046 riding lawn mower! Snapper used to mean quality! I had a snapper riding mower for years and gave it to my son who still used it regularly! I am currently trying to get SOMEONE TO REPAIR MY JUNK MOWER! I recently went through all the glowing advertisements from Snapper about the ST-2046 and noticed they stated that the ST-2046 would mow in reverse!!!!! MY ST-2046 would never mow in reverse! If the engine and mower was running and you pressed the reverse foot control the engine would instantly die! So I had to shut of the mower, restart the engine and "then" was able to back the mower up! I thought it was a "safety feature" built into the ST-2046--! But my "Junk" Snapper suddenly started shuddering when I tried to go forward! It also was rattling under the mower for no reason I could detect visually! I Contacted Wall Mart where I purchased it along with a 3 year extended parts and labor warranty! The manager told me that the problem would come under the Snapper 2 year warranty and I should contact one of their designated servicing mechanics! So I started calling the three "servicing centers" to learn that two of them were 8 to 10 weeks behind on current Snapper repairs, and the remaining one listed was NEVER a servicing center! Then the run around continued!!!! NO ONE to repair my New Mower! One shop they had listed as a service center said he couldn't afford all the equipment required by Snapper to analyze "problems!" This run around continued while my grass kept growing. I finally located a mechanic in Burlington that said they could come and pick it up and repair it under the Original Snapper 2 Year Warranty, so I said COME GET IT! After two weeks they called and told me Snapper wouldn't cover the repairs because the upper motion drive belt was put on wrong and had ruined one of the pulleys and destroyed the belt! So the Burlington mechanic shop said they said would turn it in under the Wall Mart extended 3 year parts and labor warranty I had purchased when I bought the machine! As the weeks drug by "the grass is still growing" I again called the Burlington mechanic shop to inquire as to what the hold up was? The lady there told me that she was waiting to get approval from Wall Mart's insurance program before she would order the Parts needed to repair my New Snapper!!!! So NOW I'M TOTALLY PISSED! I went to the complaints about Snapper Mowers and was enlightened as to the poor quality and service from Snapper Representatives! I then read the ST-2046 advertisement Snapper had put out! I noticed that Snapper said "The ST-2046 would MOW IN REVERSE." MY ST-2046 NEVER MOWED IN REVERSE!!!! If I had the mower blades engaged and stepped on the reverse foot control the mower immediately died!!!! So You tell me if the mower as properly assembled when I received it from Wall Mart! Snapper wouldn't cover it because they said someone had put the belt on wrong! Correct, but it sure as Hell wasn't Me! I couldn't even see the belt up under the machine! And with two Parts and Labor Warranties I sure didn't plan to tear something apart that would have nullified both Warranties! I know this is a crazy, unbelievable saga, but PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE AS TO WHAT I SHOULD DO NEXT!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Briggs-Fan replied 2 years ago.

Hi my name is ***** ***** welcome to just answer. I'm sorry your going through a total train wreck of issues with a new mower . I think I would fight it with snapper even because how can you put a drive belt on wrong ? It would smoke or have a burning to it , the belt could of gotten twisted when it didn't mow in reverse like it was supposed to . I would find out more about how this belt was installed wrong because it sounds sketchy . My other question for you is did your snapper have a yellow small button on the dash ? , our troy bilt does and you have to push it or hold it to mow in reverse.

Expert:  Briggs-Fan replied 2 years ago.
after contacting the snapper mfg they say to cut in reverse you press the brake all the way down , with the engine running you turn the key counter clockwise to (ros) option and slowly depress the brake