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Vince, I have an Ariens self propelled model 911052. The

Customer Question

Hi Vince,
I have an Ariens self propelled model 911052. The self propelled drive failed and determined that it was missing the rubber gasket that fits on the friction wheel. I sourced the rubber ring and managed to install it but upon starting up the lawnmower the drive is weak. I tightened the cable near the handle with the screw adjustments but perhaps took it too far as the horizontal disk that the friction wheel rides on top of stopped turning. Is there someway to tighten the drive belt to ensure that it turns the larger flatter wheel that the friction wheel turns on?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Or is there another thing that needs adjusting to make this all work? All the parts are functioning properly its just that the belt stops driving the horizontal disk so I can't get sufficient torque. Hmmmm
Expert:  Jay replied 2 years ago.
Is the drive belt tensioner working properly? Is the belt cracked or glazed? You might have tighted the drive disk to much. All would acount for slow or no drive speed.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Not sure about the tensioner but that could be the problem. Its a brand new belt so that's not it.Do all tensioners have an adjustment somehow? Specifically does the Ariens 911052 tensioner have adjustment settings?
Expert:  Jay replied 2 years ago.
Most are a spring tension system. With the spark plug disconnected check and see if there is any tension on the drive belt. If you installed the belt you would have had to release the tension to get the belt on and off.