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I have an early Cub Cadet 1050 w/the Kohler magnum 10 HP engine

Customer Question

I have an early Cub Cadet 1050 w/the Kohler magnum 10 HP engine and 3 speed trans. The engine starts & runs fine till it warms up, not even hot, then dies. Tried running with loose gas cap. When it starts to quit, & I spray a little ether in the carb. it will run on the ether then quit. After the engine cools a bit it starts fine then does the whole thing over again.Also As it was shutting down I looked at the clear fuel filter and noticed the fuel was pulsing back & forth a bit at the filter inlet. Any ideas?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Frank replied 2 years ago.
Does choking the engine as it dies, delay it from quitting out? if so could be fuel related. But I'm wondering if the plugs are fouling/missing out. Can you pull the spark plugs and check the gap for clearance, and see if it's too rich (black) too lean (white) or pitting, carbon building.
If the plugs are ok, I'd focus on the fuel system. Pull the bowl see if there is any gunk in there.
Try these 2 things and let me know what you find. If you can, take pictures