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Rex L.
Rex L., Small Engine Technician
Category: Small Engine
Satisfied Customers: 761
Experience:  auto-diesel graduate. small engine and John deere and silver certified in stihl.
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Kawaaki 23hp.When I start mower and go to full throttle seems

Customer Question

Kawaaki 23hp.When I start mower and go to full throttle seems to run fine.Start moving forward It sounds like itssucking in more air and then begins to run poorly.I have put new gas in,new air cleaner,new fuel filter,sprayed carb in and out with cleaner,changed plugs,checked for air obstructiuon,drained carb bowl(looked clean).Both plugs are fowling,not just one.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Rex L. replied 2 years ago.
If plugs are getting fouled from fuel the carb is dumping in to much fuel. Should be blowing some black smoke. Carb may need rebuilt or have a new carb installed. A lean condition can make it down on power but will not foul the plugs. make sure there is no air restricktion again or remove air filter and try moving and see if it changes.