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Tim K
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I have a Briggs and Stratton 17.5 HP motor on my Ariens ezr 1742. The motor is stuck in a

Customer Question

I have a Briggs and Stratton 17.5 HP motor on my Ariens ezr 1742. The motor is stuck in a really high throttle position and will not change via movement of the throttle lever. I have checked the linkages to a bracket just before the carburetor and all seems to be fine, just no engine response.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Tim K replied 2 years ago.
Hello, welcome to Just Answers. My name is ***** ***** I would like to help you with your question
does the lever on the side of the engine going to the carburetor move freely?
sometimes the linkage can get a little bent and cause the throttle to stick open at the carb.
if it is free, manually move the lever and see if the throttle response changes. (you can leave the choke on part way to limit the engine speed while checking)
Let me know what you find out with these checks and i can advise you further.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have tried that. It moves, yet there is still no response from the engine and/or carburetor.
Expert:  Tim K replied 2 years ago.
if there is no response from the engine when you manually move the lever connected to the carburetor, then the butterfly valve in the carburetor may have came loose. It is difficult to see without removing the the carburetor, however with your description is sounds like we are getting zero response from the carburetor itself. if you can get the plastic intake boot off and look down inside the carburetor you may be able to see whats happening. otherwise pulling the carburetor off of the engine will let you check if the butterfly valve is intact or not