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Briggs-Fan, Small Engine Technician
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  over 15 years experience in small engine repair, multiple certifications
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I've removed carb. then I disconnected gas line, turned

Customer Question

I've removed carb. then I disconnected gas line, turned engine and got no gas. I traced (the best I could) to the gas tank by feel primarily. It appears it maybe a major job if the gas line needs replacing. Any tips on clearing gas line would be appreciated.
Do you still suggest rebuilding Carb.? Thanks Charlie
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Donald replied 2 years ago.
Hello Charlie. My name is***** will be assisting you with your question.
If your engine has a fuel pump, check to see if you are getting gas from your fuel tank to your fuel pump. If you are getting gas to your fuel pump, but not to your carburetor, then you could have a faulty fuel pump. If you are not getting fuel to your fuel pump, then you may have debris or sediments, resting at the bottom of your fuel tank, restricting your fuel outlet.
Shine a flashlight into your fuel tank, to inspect the inside of it. Also if your fuel line is deteriorating internally, you will need to replace it. I would wait until you are getting fuel to your carburetor, before determining if your carburetor needs to be rebuilt.
We can continue from here. Thanks!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Donald, I've been unable to work on my John Deere LT150 over the last 6 days due to serious sickness with a dear family member out of state. I just returned home today. Prior to having to leave, I was in contact withCustomerand followed his directions
and was unable to get the mower to run. I think it has a fuel pump and maybe fuel can't get past that point. I don't know what move I should make next. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.
Expert:  Donald replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your response. I am sorry to hear of the sickness of your loved one. I do hope all goes well for you and your family.
I do believe that John, (Briggs-Fan) is on-line. If you like, I can opt out, to give him an opportunity to continue with you. I do believe he will have a solution for you.
Expert:  Briggs-Fan replied 2 years ago.
Hi Charlie , this is John , I'm sorry to hear about your family member. I'm going to look back at our original conversation
Expert:  Briggs-Fan replied 2 years ago.
Charlie , follow your fuel lines back , it looks like you do have a fuel pump
if you follow your fuel lines they should connect to one of these , that's your fuel pump , check the line going from the tank to it to make sure it's getting gas to the fuel pump