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PK., Small Engine Technician
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My Mother has a Husqvarna Rider 16 (2001-01) with a Briggs

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My Mother has a Husqvarna Rider 16 (2001-01) with a Briggs Intek engine. I don't have the mower numbers but the question relates to the engine. and those are as follows: Model 28N707 Type 1201-E1 Code 020213ZE I am a pretty good shadetree but not a pro. The mower is about 50 miles away and I can't bring it home so I can only work on it once a week on the weekend. She does not have web access to I have to ask questions and then go try it. I changed the throttle cable a few weeks back. Shortly after my mother was driving it and it started to run at full speed and would not slow down unless it was fully choked (Throttle full fwd.). I have adjusted the cable at both ends until I am blue in the face and cannot get it to slow down unless I put in full choke which of course floods it. I think it may be flooding even when it it not full choke. Incidentally it has one of those carbs. with a solenoid on the bottom where you usually have a mechanical float and needle valve. Have never worked on one of those before and don't know if it is a factor. Help!!! This unit has a lot of hard hours on it.

Hi, to adjust the thottle cable, loosen the screw that locks it down, push the throttle to as far up as it will go and then tighten the screw back down. With the the air filter off, you should see that if you pull the throttle all the way to slow, it closes the throttle butterfly in the carburetor.

Before running this though, check the oil for any odor of gas or thinning. If the oil is watery or you smell gas in the oil, you have a carburetor problem very common to this engine and we can work through that.

If the oil is clean, and adjusting the throttle is of no help, then you may have an air leak. Sometimes the mountning screws for the carburetor will back out a little and cause the engine to overspeed.

If you pull the spark plug and it's gray and ashy, then there's an air leak somewhere or the carburetor has an issue we need to resolve.

Just let me know what you find,

Thanks, PK.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Which end of the cable are you working at? the control handle or engine side.?

The engine side where it fastens to the speed control bracket on the side of the engine.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is it possible that i have the throttle control handle reversed? The cable is attached to the hole in the angle/lever under the housing and the lever is pointing toward the rear. I don't think it can fit any other way but kept second guessing myself. As far as air leaks go the plug did not appear to have been running lean.

The cable should only go on one way. If you have it at full throttle when you tighten it down, it should be adjusted. Why was the cable replaced?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It broke. I hate to ask so many questions but it is 100 mile round trip to work on this thing so if you have an other suggestions I would like to try them all at once.

How was it running before the cable broke?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


How well was it running?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok. nothing like now. My 85 year old mother was driving when it started running at full speed all of the time except when fully choked. (throttle control handle full fwd.) This was after I changed the cable. I don't think that it had been doing it when I first changed the cable but I was not happy with the way it ran after I made the change. I thought it ran a little fast but did not drive it that much to test. I had changed the cable before and never had a problem. My mother does not "remember" it running too fast when I first changed the cable but I am relying on her observations.


When you say above to push the throttle all the way up to before tightening the screw do you mean the control handle or the lever at the engine.

Push the throttle control on the console to full throttle, the control handle with the little bunny and turtle beside it.

If it still runs fast when adjusted properly, then there's another issue. It could be the governor, the speed control bracket, an air leak in the carburetor, intake manifold or head gasket. First thing though is to make sure the cable is adjusted properly.
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