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I have a Craftsman 6.5 HP power propelled lawn vacuum, model

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I have a Craftsman 6.5 HP power propelled lawn vacuum, model #247.770990 that refuses to start. I have fresh gas, new spark plug, new air filter, new oil at proper level. Someone told me to use a little gum out on the carburator, but I don't even know where the carburator is on the machine. Any help?
Hello, and thank you for choosing JustAnswer. I'll be helping you today and am committed to providing clear and concise answers to your question.

The carburetor is located directly behind the square air cleaner. you can recongnize it by looking underneath and you see a round carburetor bowl held on by a nut on the bottom.

Let's try a minor fix first, then if that doesn't solve it a full cleaning and rebuild will probably be necessary.

Please shut off the fuel or pinch the fuel line and have a container ready under the carburetor bowl. Remove the bowl nut and look in the bowl for any sediment or build-up. Clean it out. Be cautious not to knock the float loose. It's not major if you do, but there's no sense having to put more back together than necessary.


The bowl nut has some small holes that are likely plugged. Spray it with carburetor cleaner and use some small soft wire like from a bread tie to make sure the passages are clear. Spray some carburetor cleaner up the center nozzle of the carburetor as well until it shoots out the throat of the carb.


Bolt it back and try it again. Please let me know and we'll continue.

Site guidelines require that I post all troubleshooting steps or partial answers as answers, but this is certainly not the final answer yet. Additional troubleshooting will be required. So please hold off on rating until we determine the exact problem. Please use the "reply to expert" link so we can continue the discussion.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Your answer was right on the money. Thanks so much.

So very glad to hear it! As a followup I would also suggest picking up some 'Mechanic In A Bottle' on your next trip to Home Depot or Walmart. Mix it with the fuel according to the label directions. This does a tremendous job of cleaning out the fuel system. It's inexpensive and highly recommended.

Mechanic In A Bottle Website

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much!