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I have a cub cadet LT1040 and the mower deck will not engage/

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I have a cub cadet LT1040 and the mower deck will not engage/ When you pull the lever to engage, nothing happens. Any suggestions?
Hi, My name isXXXXX you for letting me try and assist you with your problem.

What happened leading up to this problem.
Can you give me any history to this issue?
Sometimes that helps determine the problem since I'm not there to do testing in person.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks Jeremy. Prior to this, the mower deck had failed to engage a couple of times. When that happened, I would just re-engage the lever once or twice and the mower deck would finally engage. This last time it happened, while mowing, the mower deck became disengaged and I could not get it to re-enage no matter how many times I tried to engage it.
Ok that's good info.
Here's what you should try.
With someone sitting on the seat, key ON (Engine NOT running)
Flip the pto switch and test for power at the clutch.
Look at the clutch and see if there's 3 threaded rods around the perimeter with nuts on them.
If so you can adjust the clutch.
Over time these wear and it takes more and more current to engage them and finally they get to where they won't engage.
So you have to adjust them tighter so they will engage.
If you have the nuts you need to use a 0.010 feeler gauge and tighten the nuts so you get a light tension on that feeler gauge all the way around right next to the nuts.
If this doesn't fix it and you do have power to the clutch the clutch is bad and will need replaced.
If you don't have power at all to the clutch the switch itself is bad and will need replaced.
Cub had a huge batch of bad pto switches a few years ago so maybe you got one of those and you just need a new pto switch.
The key here though is to find out if you have power going to the clutch or not.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, probably a dumb question but where do I access clutch? Do I have to remove the mower deck or is there another way to access it?


Also, regarding your comment about testing it with someone sitting in the seat......I assume thats to be sure the safety feature is engaged?

The clutch is bolted to the crankshaft on the bottom of the engine and yeah the sitting on the seat is to ensure the seat switch is engaged.
If you can sit on it and start it with no problems then the safetys are fine.
The engine doesn't need to be running though to engage the clutch.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks, I'll try that tonight and see if that solves the problem
Ok sounds good.